the one award 1

Paul made it through to the finals of ‘the one’ British hair colourist awards on March 1st 2015.

The One, An evening of red carpet glamor Paul returned home with the silver award which was created by glass blowing artist Ingrid Pears MBE.

Judging the show was the industries finest Tracey Hayes, William Wilson, Nick Malenko and Shelley Dalton. Guest of Honour Errol Douglas MBE was there to let the competitors know who had won.

The show was hosted by Chris Foster from Moss Academy and Martin Holmes from Strangeways with two presentations one from William and Karen Sparacia demonstrating their colour placement system also Warren Boodaghians and the TIGI Team.

Here a few snaps of her final look that he presented on the grand finale catwalk.

The one award

the one awathe one award 2