If you are missing the buzz of Chopp, then transport yourself to the salon with Reece’s very own playlist. Click here to download.

Although we can’t create hair that makes you want to high-five everyone in the salon, we can help you look after your locks during lockdown with zero-contact deliveries of your favourite products.

So give us a shout and we will deliver them, in style, to your doorstep.


Hope you are all hanging in there. We’ve been busy behind-the-scenes making sure everything’s ready for action…

And have you seen Chopp’s new look?

We wanted to say a big thank you to ALL the key workers out there & would love it if you could help us spread the thanks far and wide….

So please do share our Instagram post, or tag us in a selfie in front of the salon and help us show our appreciation.


It is with a very heavy heart that we do the right thing for everyone and close Chopp’s doors for now.
We thank all our clients for their support and look forward to welcoming you back into the salon when the time is right.

In the meantime we wish all our friends well; stay safe and look after yourselves. We hope you can enjoy time with loved ones and embrace a temporary change of pace.

And…look after your hair!! We are going to stay in touch with lots of Chopp Top Tips for healthy hair & will do all we can to safely deliver you the products and knowhow you need to keep your hair looking and feeling good.

We’re still working out exactly how we do that, but rest assured we are going to do all we can, so stay tuned and give us a shout if you need us. We ask only that you resist from contacting staff directly to ask for treatments at home as it not only puts pressure on individuals to say no, but is also counter-productive to the tough steps we’ve taken to safeguard the health of our clients, our staff and everybody’s families.
So take care, thank you, and see you soon.

With love from Paul and Team Chopp

PS – Ignore what we said before, the bob isn’t the style of the season, the big trend right now is for long locks!


31/10/19 Primrose Mary Phillips was born making Paul and Francine the happiest parents on the planet. Both Primrose and mum are all super healthy and birth went really well thanks to the Hypno birthing classes that Paul and Francine attended. Francine said “I couldn’t have done it without Paul by my side, helping me get in the zone and use the breathing techniques that we had been practicing.

Paul and Francine would like to thank everyone for such love and kindness since the arrival of Primrose, the gifts, cards, flowers and well wishes have been overwhelming.

Paul will be back to work on the 12th of November with an iPhone full of photos to show you all. x


We don’t want your beautiful hair to damage the planet and so we’ve been trialing this great new paper product as an alternative to aluminium when colouring hair. It’s so good, you’d never know the difference…. but then we figured all you #chalkwellbleach fans might actually want to know the positive changes you’ve been part of, so big up @Papernotfoil which is made from recycled industrial waste. It uses 96% less energy that foil and is recyclable! #makethechange #papernotfoil #papernotfoiluk #haircolouring #forourplanet #zerowaste #leighonsea #chalkwell #ecofriendly #recyclable