31/10/19 Primrose Mary Phillips was born making Paul and Francine the happiest parents on the planet. Both Primrose and mum are all super healthy and birth went really well thanks to the Hypno birthing classes that Paul and Francine attended. Francine said “I couldn’t have done it without Paul by my side, helping me get in the zone and use the breathing techniques that we had been practicing.

Paul and Francine would like to thank everyone for such love and kindness since the arrival of Primrose, the gifts, cards, flowers and well wishes have been overwhelming.

Paul will be back to work on the 12th of November with an iPhone full of photos to show you all. x


We don’t want your beautiful hair to damage the planet and so we’ve been trialing this great new paper product as an alternative to aluminium when colouring hair. It’s so good, you’d never know the difference…. but then we figured all you #chalkwellbleach fans might actually want to know the positive changes you’ve been part of, so big up @Papernotfoil which is made from recycled industrial waste. It uses 96% less energy that foil and is recyclable! #makethechange #papernotfoil #papernotfoiluk #haircolouring #forourplanet #zerowaste #leighonsea #chalkwell #ecofriendly #recyclable


As a salon we strive to look after everyone’s hair needs whilst maintaining good morals. We source the best products from the most professional brands. We associate ourselves with companies that like us, are always working on doing the right thing. Attached is a statement from Coty. At Chopp we stock and use Wella products and often get asked if they are vegan friendly. Have a read, as this statement has helped many vegans who were worried about what products were being used on their hair realise that they can still have their dream colour.


2017 competition season is here and Paul was asked to judge the prestigious Wella Trend Vision Awards for a second year running. Alongside other industry greats Paul and his fellow judges were asked to judge 2 completely new categories this year, Runway and Men’s. The standard was extremely high and we all look forward to seeing the winners come September ✂️


Kitty Cowell the amazing stylist and fashion blogger with a following of 12.k visited us in the salon to try out our new couture colours.

See below kitty’s brand new silver locks:





System Professional is an industry leader in the science of hair care and now its scientists, in co-creation with top stylists, have succeeded in unlocking the secret to re-energizing and transforming hair. It’s through a ground-breaking discovery that each individual’s hair has its own hair energy profile that is as unique as a fingerprint, and that hair can be visibly transformed via a revolutionary new ENERGYCODE™ COMPLEX.

System Professional have discovered that each person’s hair has a unique energy profile that determines its health and responsiveness.
This personal energy fingerprint is defined by the hairs lipid level. Lipids, even though only 4% of the hair, have a uniquely active influence on the hair’s energy.
By diagnosing your individual hair energy profile. We can prescribe NEW System’s Professional’s Energy Code. The ultra personalised care system that will transform your hair.

Exclusively available at Chopp, this major leap forward in the science of hair care has informed the creation of innovative and wholly new System Professional in-salon treatments and at- home product range with ENERGYCODE™ COMPLEX.

NEW in Stock SP Silver Shampoo!

For clearer blonde hair, neutralises warmer tones in blonde, bleached, highlighted and grey/white hair.

Gives a brilliant shine. Gently cleanses and cares for hair.

Wella SP Silver shampoo is specially designed for cool blonde colour as it contains blue pigment to enhance bleach/highlighted hair and obtain stunning ice blonde results.

Book in for your own personalised Energy Code Consultation.