OI is a product range dedicated to absolute beauty for all types of hair and skin.

The name OI comes from the ancient Eastern idea of harmonythrough the balance of opposite forces. In an effort to create balance between the senses, mulitple benefits and effectiveness, OI lets you see immediate positive results from your first use

All OI products contain Roucou oil, an antioxidant-rich plant from the Amazon

– A rich fragrance
– Each product has multiple benefits for your hair and skin
Roucou oil protects hair against the effects of aging and environmental damage

– Hair is instantly softer
– The detangling action of Roucou oil leaves your hair easier to comb
OI Body Wash and hand balm leave your skin hydrated and protected




CHOPP is passionate about responsible consumption and sustainability, which is why the salon is so pleased to stock the eco friendly brand Davines. Their “More Inside” range is perfect for those looking to replenish their hair as it keeps hair healthy and moisturised longer. Find out more next time you’re in.

Here are a few of our favorite More Inside“cocktails.”

-For extreme volume, first apply This Is A Volume Boosting Mousse on damp hair. After drying, spray This Is A Dry Texturizer on roots and lengths, lifting hair to ensure an even application.

-For finger waves without a “gel effect“ mix This Is A Volume Boosting Mousse with This Is A Medium Hold Modeling Gel.

-Sprinkle This Is A Texturizing Dust onto a flat brush for extra lift.

-The secret to creating a tousled look that lasts? Mix This Is An Invisible Serum and This Is A Finishing Gum in your palms and run through damp or dry hair.

-For molding and separation, apply a small amount of This Is An Invisible Serum before distributing This Is A Forming Pomade.

-If you are looking for more control of your texture, layer This Is A Volume Boosting Mousse with This Is An Oil Non Oil.